Load Control for the 21st Century. Eliminate load covering pain. Created by truck owners, designed by aircraft engineers. Use TarpX for work or play - you'll never go back to the old way.

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TarpX is available in multiple sizes to fit your truck or trailer.

Fast: Cover the load, attach the hooks, cinch the webbing and go!
Safe: No snapping bungee, dangling ropes or flapping tarp.
Adjustable: Designed for most common loads.
Convenient: Packs quickly and stores under or behind seat.
Tough: Water resistant, built for repeated use in all weather conditions.
Responsible: Keep roads safe, avoid costly fines, protects the environment.

Unsecured load enforcement and penalties are increasing. The new TarpX all-in-one system transports your loads safely and securely. No hassle, no flashing lights, no fines.

TESTIMONIALS: Check out what others have said about TarpX.

Randy, Washington State
"I used the TarpX and it worked great! I've never had a load that secure in my life."

Christine Flowers, Executive Director, Keep California Beautiful:
"TarpX is one of the most important new developments in environmental responsibility and traffic safety. Its ease of use means that drivers are more likely to properly cover their loads. Keeping loads safe and secure minimizes road debris, water and land impacts and helps reduce the dollars governments and organizations spend on debris collection and disposal. TarpX is a win-win-win."

Loren, Washington State
"Your load cover product is fantastic. I bought the 6.5' version for my pickup and was so impressed with its ease of use, its extraordinary containment of my load, and the low price that I bought a second one (8') for my utility trailer and also one for my son-in-law for Christmas. I will recommend it to anyone I meet with a truck or trailer."

"Just bought my second TarpX to complement my first I purchased a few months back. Thanks for the great product. It's everything it was made to do and it does it well."

Brian, Washington State
"I used the TarpX for a 1,100 mile move and not only did it keep my stuff from shifting around in my truck bed, but it actually tightened up my apparently loose pack job!"

Mike, California
"Moving furniture and household items from Washington state to California I used TarpX to secure the load in the back of my pick-up truck. Tarp X was effortlessly attached and I didn't worry about the load shifting while driving this long distance."

Professional Landscape Manager
"Your system not only is at a great price point but far exceeds the quality and ease of use compared to other systems we used for our trucks. The TarpX system works all the time!"

Large University Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
"I believe TarpX has proven to be one of the best equipment investments we have ever made. The gardeners here love them. Quick and easy is a great combination."

David, Washington State
"It was so easy to use! it took me less than five minutes to secure and protect my load! With standard tarps, ropes, and straps, it would have taken 3 times as long and likely would have been flapping in the wind on the long drive. TarpX kept my load safe, secure, and dry the whole time. I'll be getting a second one soon for the trailer I'm building. I'll never drive a truck without a TarpX ever again!"

Michael, Washington State
"TarpX works great. I like the way it adjusts to different shapes."

Dorian, Oregon
"I bought your tarp for our S-10 Chevy pick up for a trip down the OR coast. It worked out very well. You have a great product, everyone should have one."

Perry, Washington State
"Thanks again for the great product and super customer service."

Ryan, Washington State
"I Love Love Love my TarpX!!! Plus, it keeps everything dry!!!!"