A Load Security Solution is Born. There had to be a better way.

And who better than pickup truck owners who felt the continual pain of covering a load. The mass of tangled ropes and bungees. The sight-threatening snapping of those bungees. The time it took to get the load covered and secured. The flapping and shredding of tarps. The threat of big fines, lawsuits or even jail time for an improperly secured load. That ugly load on the good-looking rig.

Most everyone has an unsecured load story - or six. Actually seeing something fly off the back of a truck or trailer or swerving to avoid debris in the roadway - it's scary and all-too-prevalent.

The founders of TarpX created a solution with the help of an engineering design firm that works with the biggest and best brands in the world designing important and useful products. They wanted a reasonably priced solution that was fast, strong and secure and was adjustable for multiple common load types.

Today TarpX is in use by thousands of private truck and trailer owners and commercial landscape and construction professionals and others, as well as government utility districts, highway departments and universities. TarpX is used to secure yard waste, construction and household debris, furniture and other personal belongings, and biking, camping, fishing and hunting gear.

TarpX Leadership

Principals of Load Control Systems, Inc., makers of TarpX: Dan Kinley (left), Trevor Colby (center), Mike Walters (right