One Year Consumer Limited Warranty. Our products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

If a Load Control Systems, Inc., product proves defective in materials and/or workmanship during normal use by the purchase of the product as per the enclosed instructions, Load Control Systems, Inc., will arrange for replacement or repair based on its review of the returned product(s). Liability for Load Control Systems, Inc., is limited to the purchase price of the product and does not cover personal injury or property damage of any kind. To inquire about repair or replacement, please call Customer Service at 1-877-866-8779 or email

Load Control Systems, Inc.,requires proof of purchase in conjunction with any such return. This warranty does not cover product abuse, modification, failure to adhere to TarpX instructions, improper operation or misuse and excludes shipping and handling charges, nor does it cover any alteration or repair performed by another party.


For returns, requests for return must be placed with Customer Service by calling 1-877-866-8779 within five (5) business days of receipt of purchase. Only returns of merchandise in its original packaging and condition will be accepted, and buyer is responsible for shipping and handling charges.

TarpX goes on quickly and safely in just a few minutes. Please follow these simple instructions.

1. Keep all sharp objects that could tear or puncture clear of the TarpX surface.

2. Spread TarpX over the load, logo side toward the back of the pickup truck or trailer.

3. Attach hooks to rails, stake holes or other appropriate points in or on the pickup truck/trailer bed, starting with the four corners. It is essential that the four corners are secured for TarpX to work properly. To see potential attachment points, go to and select the "TarpX Guide" page. Attach the hooks for the rear webbing to the back bumper or other appropriate and secure attachment points.

4. Cinch the webbing securely for each hook. Use a downward motion when cinching, being careful not to exert too much pressure. While the heavy duty buckles are made to withstand substantial pressure, over-tightening could cause breakage. Tuck excess webbing securely inside the elastic bands.

5. Make sure each area of the load is secure before driving.

6. For long trips or extended use, from time to time make sure and check that all hooks and webbing are cinched snugly and that TarpX is secure on the truck or trailer.

Care of TarpX®
Spray with a hose, then hang dry. If necessary, using cold water and a non-detergent powder soap, gently scrub soiled areas by hand using a non-abrasive sponge and rinse thoroughly. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Make sure TarpX and its stuff sack are completely dry prior to storing.

Always inspect this product before use to ensure it will perform properly. If excess wear or any damage is evident from previous usage, replace immediately. Make sure the load is properly secured and complies with all applicable laws prior to covering with TarpX. Follow instructions for use. Keep TarpX away from flammable materials and heat sources. Remove any solvent, paint or other chemical or potentially corrosive or damaging substances immediately. TarpX has been designed for a wide variety of common loads. TarpX is not designed to stabilize or handle extremely heavy loads that can move around a pickup truck bed or trailer, transport improperly sealed hazardous chemicals or other products or loads that exceed 36" above the top of the carrying area. Wear safety eyewear whenever loading or unloading. Load Control Systems, LLC, maker of TarpX, is not responsible for any liability resulting from use of its products.

Helpful Tips:
The stuff sack can be stored easily in the sewn in pocket on the backside of the TarpX.