Who do I call when I see an unsecured load?

If an item has not been properly secured and has the potential to fall off a load, call 866-LITTER-1 (866-548-8371). The registered owner of the vehicle will receive a letter notifying them of the fines ($216-$5,000 + jail time) they would have received had a law enforcement officer seen them. They also receive a secure your load brochure, educating them on the importance of securing their load.

Washington State Department of Ecology ­ Securing Household Goods

This is a video link to help visualize the process of securing household items.

Washington State Department of Ecology Litter Laws

This link explains the Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Codes.

AAA Foundation for Safety Road Debris

According to new research released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, vehicle parts, cargo, or other material that has been unintentionally discharged from vehicles onto the roadway is estimated to cause over 25,000 crashes per year in North America resulting in approximately 80-90 fatalities.

New York Times 2007 Story on Road Debris Impact Nationally
Two years ago, a horrifying incident in Washington State led to the passage of Maria’s law, named for Maria Federici, 24, who was blinded and disfigured when a piece of a shelving unit flew off a trailer and crashed through her windshield. Before the accident, Washington drivers with unsecured loads received a traffic citation and a $194 fine. The tougher law made it a gross misdemeanor if an unsecured load caused an injury, carrying with it a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

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